I charge 45 dollars for a half hour for reading the cards, either playing cards or Tarot. I do not charge for the discussion before the reading. I do readings at my home by appointment here in Vallejo, California. In these times of COVID-19, we do readings at home on my back deck outside with social distancing and masks provided. I also do readings by phone and Facetime. You can reach me at 805-886-3741 to set up an appointment. Also, if you have questions or concerns, you may reach me by email at nathanstout@sonic.net.

Nathan’s Tarot is my own business. I offer a form of counsel based on what the individual cards in a spread have to say about where someone is on their life path. Each card represents different energies with which the querent is dealing. When I read for a querent, I base my reading on what each card means in the position in which it falls. That meaning may be personal to me but is not based on what my desire for what the card should mean is. Instead it is a direct result of years of study and interpretation. The cards have their own voice and meaning which changes over time. My goal is simply to give you the best understanding possible of what your cards say about your situation or position in life. The cards are a very powerful tool which serves as a vehicle for communication. It is my job to share my understanding of their meaning and message with you.