I charge 45 dollars for a half hour for reading the cards, either playing cards or Tarot. I do not charge for the discussion before the reading. I do readings at my home by appointment here in Vallejo, California. In these times of COVID-19, we do readings at home on my back deck outside with social distancing and masks provided. I also do readings by phone and Facetime. You can reach me at 805-886-3741 to set up an appointment. Also, if you have questions or concerns, you may reach me by email at nathanstout@sonic.net.

How did I learn card reading?

I was taught card reading with playing cards by a woman who learned the practice from her Russian grandmother. I studied with this woman for two years, learning how to keep a journal of my readings and the many interpretations of the cards.  Then, building on the tradition of reading playing cards I began teaching myself how to read Tarot cards. With Tarot cards I am basically self taught, but I do apply much of the learning of those initial years working with playing cards to my Tarot. I have studied both Tarot and playing cards since 1993.

Now I offer both card readings with Tarot as well as playing cards.