I am classic traditional card reader who reads both playing cards and Tarot. I am available for events such as birthday parties, retirement parties, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette's parties, showers, graduations, and other social happenings. I charge 125 dollars per hour for readings at events and 80 dollars an hour for personal readings when I see clients here at home in Vallejo. Personal readings can take 30 to 40 minutes or up to an hour or more. Readings at events can take as little as five or ten minutes or half an hour or so, depending on what your need and budget is. A set of readings can contain both playing cards and Tarot readings. If you are looking for a card reader please reach out to me at (805)886-3741 or nathanstout@sonic.net.

How does card reading work?

Card reading is a practice which allows the querent to connect with patterns present in their life. By focusing attention on the layout of the cards and the positions they take on the table, one may come to understand relationships between various forces at work in one’s life. Cards carry messages both positive and negative, and can point towards solutions to various struggles or conflicts present in our everyday life. The way the cards work is through Synchronicity, a natural law that guides the fall of the cards and determines what we need to know from a particular reading. My role is to interpret the cards in such a way that you may identify the significant areas of your life which need attention.

The cards offer insight into these areas and the dynamics between the various forces at work in any given situation. With the working tool of card reading, often what is needing attention in any given situation moves from an unconscious to a conscious state, then allowing the particular issue to be addressed.