I charge 45 dollars for a half hour for reading the cards, either playing cards or Tarot. I do not charge for the discussion before the reading. I do readings at my home by appointment here in Vallejo, California. In these times of COVID-19, we do readings at home on my back deck outside with social distancing and masks provided. I also do readings by phone and Facetime. You can reach me at 805-886-3741 to set up an appointment. Also, if you have questions or concerns, you may reach me by email at nathanstout@sonic.net.

What are the different readings that I offer?

A three card reading gives you a card for the past, present and future.

A seven card reading gives you cards for the past, present, hidden influences, obstacle, house, action and outcome. With interpretation this can lead to a lot of detail of the current situation.

A ten card reading gives you cards for yourself, what covers you, what crosses you, your foundation, your past, the possible future, the definite future, your fears, your house card or how others see you, your hopes, and the outcome. This is the basic Celtic Cross spread.

I offer couples readings. With couples readings, you get thirteen cards, one to represent each member of the couple, how each sees the partnership, what brings each person into relationship, what the foundation for each person in the relationship is, and five cards of what is in store in the near future.

I also offer Tree of Life readings which are based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. These readings are seventeen cards and can take an hour or more. They follow the energy of your life from before there was nothing at all to the present moment, so the focus is on the energy pattern as it manifests in this lifetime. Ten cards are laid out with one for each sephirot, and then a Daath pack of seven cards to look towards the future.